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Targeted Capital’s approach to Investment Advisory Services focuses on the development of a financial plan for the client, based on his or her goals, needs and financial positions. Our objective is to maximize our client’s wealth. Due to our background as CPA’s we emphasize investments with a managed tax burden.

Our investment strategy is based on asset allocation models customized to match our client’s acceptable risk tolerance. Asset allocation determines approximately 90 percent of return on investments. Stock selection and market timing account for the remaining 10 percent. Asset allocation is based on the proven theory that the type or class of security you own is more important than the particular security itself. The asset allocation model reduces risk and maximizes returns over a period of time.

After developing a complete financial plan, we monitor the investment results against the plan on a quarterly basis.  Additionally, the plan is adjusted accordingly as life situations change. Our continuous involvement enables us to provide personalized advice based on a comprehensive understanding of our client’s financial position and objectives.